SIWIN Dumplings provide an authentic Asian taste experience and are extremely versatile. Serve them boiled, deep-fried, or in a soup, or steamed and served the traditional way with black vinegar. Try all 5 sensational flavours!



Ring Sausages

Among our most popular ready-to-eat creations ever, SIWIN naturally smoked Ring Sausages are proven crowd pleasers.

Ring sausages are a Canadian favourite, and whether you call it kubasa, colbasa, kielbasa, or simply garlic sausage, we guarantee ours are the best you’ve ever had!

Each flavour stands alone with a unique recipe, and all are lean and flavourful, with the perfect bite. Try any of them fresh from a pan, barbecue or campfire. They’re ready to eat straight out of the package and are sensational warmed and in a bun!

SIWIN Ring Sausages are of premium quality. Be careful not to overcook on the barbecue or they may become dry due to the low fat content.



Stir Fry Sizzlers

Created for busy parents, students and people on the go, SIWIN Stir Fry Sizzlers are the easy way to cook a satisfying and authentic Asian meal in just 7 minutes.

Stir Fry Sizzlers make you feel like a top chef, simply by adding vegetables and serving over rice or noodles. The inner package of frozen meat thaws quickly, especially under running water, and each package has a recipe suggestion to get the creative juices flowing. SIWIN has made cooking an impressive stir-fry easy by formulating a range of authentic Asian flavours and marinating to perfection.

Stir Fry Sizzlers are made with pure Alberta pork and all-Canadian ingredients, with no added MSG. They’re a smart beginning to a nourishing and low-fat meal. Try all five unique flavours: Teriyaki, Spicy Thai, Garlic Pepper, Korean BBQ, and Sweet & Sour. Each one is a cultural experience in itself.

Make Suppertime Sizzle in Seven Minutes Flat!



Longanisa / Tosino

SIWIN Longanisa and Tosino Sausages have become a favourite in Filipino communities for the authenticity of our just-like-home recipe. They’ve also grown in popularity for families of every ethnic background, and are excellent in Spanish, Portuguese and Caribbean cooking as variations of Tocino and Longaniza sausage.

So the secret is out: SIWIN Pork Tosino, Sweet Tosino, Hot Longanisa and Sweet Longanisa are the Southeast Asian treats anyone can enjoy, at breakfast or any time of day. Ask your grocery store’s Meat Manager to order them from SIWIN Foods!


SIWIN Smokies are a traditional fireside favourite. They’re made with premium Canadian ingredients and naturally smoked. And with four varieties, there is one with the perfect balance of meat, cheese and kick for any palate: SIWIN Naturally Smoked Cheddar Cheese Smokies, Cheddar Jalapeno Smokies, Bavarian Smokies and Double-Smoked Smokies. Try them boiled, steamed or hot off the BBQ or frying pan.

In Canada, nothing says “Happiness” like a SIWIN Smokie on a bun!

Asian Sausages

A sensation with Asian consumers and western ones alike, SIWIN Asian Sausages deliver traditional flavours and are crafted from top-quality Canadian meats and ingredients. All are naturally smoked.

If you enjoy the exotic tastes of Chinese Barbeque Pork, Harbin Sausage, and other famous meaty Asian flavours, you’ll love SIWIN Asian Sausages. Be sure to try them all!