The Siwin Standards

100% Quality

All Siwin products are produced in a state-of-the-art federally inspected and CFIA Approved facility, adhering to the most stringent food handling procedures.

We ensure that every single ingredient that goes into each of our products is the highest standard of quality.

Canadian livestock producers take great pride in the high standards of their farming operations, with the most advanced production and handling methods available.

100% Canadian

Alberta is world famous for the quality of its meats and is widely considered to be among the most flavourful in the world. All of our pork, beef, and chicken is raised right here.

Our state-of-the-art processing facility is located in Edmonton, Alberta ensuring minimal distance from our suppliers to our plant.

Each of our products uses only Canadian ingredients. Even our packaging and promotional material is designed, manufactured and printed in Canada.

100% Flavor

At Siwin, we ensure our customers get the very best of Alberta’s superb meats, so that world-famous Alberta flavour and goodness is there for you to savour in every bite!

We use authentic recipes, spices, and flavours so all our products are unique and exquisitely tasty